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Seahorses - Light Blue Socks with Playful Seahorse Pattern | Relish Socks

Dive into the charm of the Bahamian seas with our 'Seahorses' socks. These socks feature a serene light blue base, evoking the calm of the ocean, complemented by a stunning coral color at the top band, toe, and heel. The playful seahorse graphics capture the whimsical nature of sea life. Made with combed cotton, nylon, and spandex, they ensure both comfort and durability. The Relish logo adds a stylish touch, embodying the Bahamian culture that inspired these delightful socks. Machine washable and imported, they're perfect for sea enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

  • Made with cotton, polyester, spandex and other fibers
  • Reinforced Toe and Heel
  • Signature¬†Relish Logo on the ankle of each sock
  • Machine washable
  • Imported

Note: Colors may vary slightly due to lighting.